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Are you ready to be the best gift-giver this holiday season?  If you've got someone (or someones) to impress this year, show them how much you think of them with this box, which is clearly the BEST BOX EVER!!!  When you order this box, you are providing empathy and excitement, variety and content, luxury and something we all need... to feel special and cared for.  You will receive 1 of EACH of our special holiday items, and a few of our regular favorites seen in the boxes:  3 pieces tuxedo bark (50mg each), 3 pieces espresso bark (50mg CBD each), 3 pieces peppermint bark (50mg CBD each), 3 coconut pecan truffles (50mg CBD each), 1 hot chocolate bomb (50mg CBD), 1 luxurious bath bomb (100mg CBD), 2 sample servings of a coffee face scrub (1 tin, 40mg CBD total), 2 sample servings avocado and aloe eye mask (1 pouch, 40mg total), and a full size 1/2 oz tin of our sugar lip scrub (25 servings, 4mg CBD each), 3 coconut pecan truffles (50mg CBD each), full size hot chocolate mix (8 servings, 50mg CBD each), full size 6oz coconut oil (2600mg CBD, 75mg CBD per tsp), full size 12oz bag of infused whole bean coffee (375mg CBD)... oh yeah, and FREE SHIPPING!! - 4200mg

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