Chocolate Lovers Box 1

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This box is perfect for any chocolate enthusiast in your life!  It includes three handmade chocolate barks  as well as a handcrafted hot chocolate bomb!  If you haven't had the satisfaction of pouring hot milk over a sphere of chocolate, packed with warmth and comfort, and watching as the chocolate melts and the marshmallows escape to the top of the cup... you're missing out!  As an added bonus the resulting cup of hot chocolate is amazingly rich and satisfying.  The best part is that each of these delicious treats come with a hearty dose of 50mg of CBD.  We can't wait for you to enjoy: 3 pieces tuxedo bark (50mg each), 3 pieces espresso bark (50mg each), 3 pieces peppermint bark (50mg each), and a luxurious 10oz cup of hot chocolate made from a hot chocolate bomb (50mg).  ALL of this comes in a holiday gift box which is SHIPPED FOR FREE!!!!- 500mg

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