Chocolate Lovers Box 2

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Not into Hot chocolate?  More into rich decadence? This variation of the chocolate lovers gift box keeps all three flavors of the beautiful handmade chocolate bark, skips the hot chocolate bomb and goes straight to our White Chocolate Coconut Pecan truffles.  You read that right!  Each dollop of white chocolate coconut cream ganache is gently rolled in a mixture of toasted coconuts and pecans.  They. Are. Amazing.  Imagine the face of the person who gets to open up a CBD chocolate box with: 3 pieces tuxedo bark (50mg CBD each), 3 pieces espresso bark (50mg CBD each), 3 pieces peppermint bark (50mg CBD each), and 3 delectible coconut pecan truffles (50mg CBD each).  Imagine YOUR face when you realize it comes in a gift box with FREE SHIPPING!! -  600MG

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