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Are the Chocolate Lover's Boxes  #1 and #2 too hard to decide between? Love the idea, but looking for a little more?  The answer lies here, in the Deluxe Chocolate Lover's Box.  You will be the SWEETEST (get it?) gift-giver of the season when you order this basket of goods.  Not only will you receive the handmade bark, the hot chocolate bomb AND the truffles, but this set also comes with a jar of our very own hot chocolate mix and enough of our whole bean coffee to make 1 (standart) pot of delicious CBD infused coffee.  In this deluxe set, you will find:  3 pieces tuxedo bark (50mg each), 3 pieces espresso bark (50mg CBD each), 3 pieces peppermint bark (50mg CBD each), 3 coconut pecan truffles (50mg CBD each), 1 hot chocolate bomb (50mg CBD), 8 servings of hot chocolate mix (50mg CBD each), and 100g whole coffee beans (60mg CBD), ease and stress relief because you don't have to find a box or pay for shipping (priceless). - 1110mg

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